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Williamsburg at a Glance

Williamsburg at a Glance

Williamsburg has undoubtedly been considered the pioneer community for emerging Brooklyn neighborhoods during the 1830s. Williamsburg was known as a fashionable resort as artists made this Brooklyn town their vacation home. The town has continued to be just that as Williamsburg has grown into the epicenter of Brooklyn with its vibrant culture and variety of attractions.

A little over 2 square miles, Williamsburg packages a mix of both fanciful streets and up-beat venues to a town of active families and working individuals.

Main attractions

Williamsburg is filled with a number of different incentives for New York City residents to both come and stay in this city on the rise.

Brooklyn Flea is not only an attraction to Brooklyn residents alone, but New York City as a whole. These busy grounds have 100 Flea vendors and over 30 Food Vendors operating every weekend of the year. The New York Times called the Flea “One of the great urban experiences in New York”. From April through November, the markets will be outdoors.

On Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg also offers the prominent Smorgasburg along the North 7th Street waterfront. Smorgasburg debuted in May of 2011 as a spin-off from the Brooklyn Flea. Now the weekend food incubator showcases 100+ local and regional food vendors and a crowd of 10,000 visitors.


Travel the Williamsburg Bridge

The distinction between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge is an important one for cross-borough travelers; many are well aware of the much more popular Brooklyn Bridge but the Williamsburg route has a plethora of sights to offer as well.

There’s both bike and pedestrian lanes that run alongside the J & M train and grant a stunning view of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Financial District waterfront.



Despite the instrumental evolution of the Williamsburg neighborhoods, the city has left more than enough room for green spaces.

McCarren Park is the largest park in Williamsburg and it comes with all the amenities you could ask for. McCarren hosts a 8-lane track, multiple baseball and softball fields, scattered fields for your leisure, two dog parks and an enormous outdoor pool.

East River State Park is another open space that brings in a faithful crowd of daily visitors. The seven-acre waterfront park looks out on to the East River from the Williamsburg shores. This park is the site of a 19th century shipping dock so it isn’t uncommon if park visitors stumble across a unique historical remnant hidden within the new landscape.

East River State Park actually provides historic interpretive signs as well. The park has done a great job protecting the historical resources that once existed.