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The Tallest Buildings In New York City

The Tallest Buildings In New York City

New York City is home to one of the more beautiful city skylines that this world has to offer and with such a view comes a collection of famous skyscrapers. We’ve made a list of the top 5 tallest buildings in New York City and what they compare to on an everyday scale.

One World Trade Center – 1,776 ft.

With 104 floors, One World Trade Center has taken the crown for the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the 5th tallest in the world. Locally referred to as the Freedom Tower, the building was built by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and it mocks Britain’s Independence Day date with its height in feet.

The One World Trade Center amounts to about 30 AirBus airplanes in height.

432 Park Avenue – 1,398 ft.

The view from this luxury condo building is breathtaking as it towers over 57th street or otherwise coined as “Billionaire’s Row”. 432 Park Avenue is 96 stories tall and 10 of which are designated to penthouses. The building contains 104 condos, the first sold for $95 million which can clearly set the standard for the building’s prices.

432 Park Avenue amounts to a little over 82 giraffes in height.

Empire State Building – 1,250 ft.

Located in Midtown, Manhattan, the Empire State Building is often seen as New York City’s most recognizable landmark aside from the Statue of Liberty. The building is the 25th tallest in the world and with 102 floors it’s the third tallest building in NYC. In 2010, the attraction underwent a $550 million renovation to make the building more energy efficient.

The Empire State Building in height is the equivalent of 21 18-Wheeler trucks.

Bank of America Tower – 1,200 ft.

The Bank of America Tower has always been recognized as one of the best designed modern structures from an architectural and innovative standpoint. The building only has 58 floors but it’s still the sixth largest building in the world and the fourth largest in the city. The building took a $1 billion budget to reach fruition and it is established as one of the most energy efficient structures in the world.

The structure is as tall as about 12 blue whales.

Chrysler Building – 1,046 ft.

The Chrysler Building is the tallest brick building in the world but the 5th tallest building on this list overall. The building used to be the headquarters of the Chrysler Corporation for a couple of decades between the years of 1930 into the 1950s. But the skyscraper never belonged to the corporation, Walter P. Chrysler paid for the building himself for the purpose of his children’s inheritance.

The Chrysler Building is as tall as 2092 iPhones.