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Secret Spaces of New York City:  The Conservatory Garden of Central Park

Secret Spaces of New York City: The Conservatory Garden of Central Park

New York City is full of different attractions so it’s not uncommon that there are an abundance of places in the city that fly under the radar. Take Central Park for example, the space hangs its hat on being the most visited park in the United States with 37.5 million visitors per year. But even with the attention given to Central Park, there are parts of the NYC’s biggest greenland that is still left undiscovered and one of which is the park’s Conservatory Garden.

The Conservatory Garden is the formal garden of Central Park, taking up about six acres of the land. Surrounded by yew hedges and colorful, crabapple trees, the Conservatory Garden is easy to miss but inside, there’s a whole world to uncover. With the garden divided into three small gardens, each with a designated international theme, this large lawn could easily become your favorite place in Central Park.

Designed to become Central Park’s quiet zone and remote space for either leisure or more formal events, the Conservatory Garden is worth getting to know.

The Italianate Center Garden

Mimicking the surrounding of the entire Conservatory Garden, the Italianate Center Garden is also lined with yew hedges and crabapple trees that fence the large green space. On the west side of this part of the garden sits a 12-foot jet fountain.

There are little intricacies throughout the garden that make this section worth your time when you get the chance to visit.

The French-style garden

The northern garden carries a French theme even through its architecture. German sculptor, Walter Schott, crafted the Three Dancing Maidens fountain located in the center of the garden. Central Park is known for its selection of shrubbery and distinct landscaping. The French-style garden has a pretty diverse list full with spring tulips, Korean chrysanthemums, and Japanese holly.


English-Style Garden

To the south of the French themed garden is the English-style garden, protected by a border of five different types of trees. Like every other section of the Conservatory Garden, there’s a sculpture that marks the spot. Sculptor, Bessie Potter Vonnoh, created a memorial for Frances Hodgeson Burnett, the author of the children’s book – The Secret Garden.

Central Park’s Conservatory Garden is located on the east side of the park from 104th st. to 106th st. Drop by the Conservatory Garden in your down time and relax in one of New York City’s secret spaces.